Collective Fashion Justice: Leather Alternative Materials

Our friends at the Collective Fashion Justice have coined the term Total Ethics Fashion.

The term ‘total ethics fashion’ exists to express intersections and collectivity where other concepts and terms related to responsible production, consumption and relationships with fashion have not. It exists to demand an all encompassing and holistic view of this responsibility, and of care. To counter the increasing narrowness of terms like ‘ethical fashion’, ‘fair fashion’, ‘vegan fashion’, ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘cruelty-free fashion’ and ‘eco-friendly fashion’, which have been overused and misused to such a degree the meaning is twisted, contorted and eventually lost.


They've included a resource page on the Vegan Leather Alternatives.

While even conventional synthetic leather is far less environmentally impactful than cow skin, we must move beyond virgin fossil fuel and animal-derived materials alike to protect the planet and all those on it. Some of these materials are imperfect, but they are stepping stones to further innovation, while being some of the best options currently available:

  • Mirum
  • Recycled PU
  • Cork
  • Mango waste leather
  • Desserto Cactus Leather
  • Pinatex Pineapple Leather
  • Mycelium Mushroom Leather
  • Vegea Grape Leather
  • Apple Leather
  • Treekind

Check them out here:

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