Leave a lighter footprint on the planet with Voes & Co luxurious, ethical footwear made with plants.

Voes & Co is a premium vegan lifestyle company that exists to promote mindful, compassionate living, through ethically sourced, sustainable, designer vegan footwear.

Rethinking Fashion

We are 100% committed to not using leather, suede or any other animal-based material in our designs. 
Our PURPOSE is to advocate for mindful, compassionate living, through ethically sourced, sustainable, plant based designer footwear.

We are on a MISSION to pioneer the use of next generation materials to reduce the use of plastic in the vegan fashion industry.

WHY you ask?

Well, because we love animals like they are our friends and we want to do everything in our power to help take care of them and advocate for their well-being. Also, because we're tired of having to sacrifice style for sustainability when the only vegan options are made with synthetic, cheap, petroleum based products. We love this incredible planet we have the priviledge of calling home and want to do what we can to lead the industry to more ethical options that would make Mother Nature proud.

Think less plastic, more plants!

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We believe in a world where no animals are harmed
for fashion, food or any type of human gain.

Our intention is to contribute to creating a world based on love, kindness, & compassion for animals, the planet, and all living beings.

Embrace the allure of sophistication and conscientious living with Voes & Co ethical and sustainable vegan footwear.

A testament to the fusion of impeccable style and ethical values; elevate your fashion statement by making a profound, eco-friendly choice with luxurious footwear that reflects a commitment to both style and the planet.


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