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Harlow vegan chelsea boots [black | cactus leather]

Harlow vegan chelsea boots [black | cactus leather]

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The softest, most comfortable boot you will ever wear.

These luxurious, premium vegan designer boots have been ethically hand-made with Cactus Leather. Our Harlow vegan chelsea boots are partially biodegradable and offer high resistance to abrasion, rubbing, tearing, tensile and provide excellent durability thanks to the strong molecular bonding in Cactus {plant-based} Leather.

This organic, ethical, sustainable material fully replaces the use of animal leather and other synthetic materials that are harmful to the environment and animals.

- HAND-MADE in a 100% vegan facility
- VEGAN | Plant-based

Cactus leather offers the perfect balance between sustainability and performance. Often distinguished by its great softness at touch and durability with the apparel industry. 

as seen in @Forbes!

Black Chelsea Boots
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