Glamour Shops: Fashion editor-approved spring wardrobe essentials

Thrilled to see our vegan designer chelsea boots featured in Glamour Magazine!
Voes & Co Harlow Chelsea Boots
Step into spring with sophistication and sustainability. Elevate your style with Voes & Co's designer chelsea boots, meticulously handcrafted from luxurious plant-based cactus leather. Experience fashion-forward elegance, embracing the future of footwear with vegan next generation materials. Redefine luxury and honour the environment, reflecting your commitment to both style and the planet.


We are proud to be pioneers in the vegan footwear industry producing vegan chelsea boots with less plastic and more plants. Our intention is to reduce the use of PU (Polyurethane) in the vegan fashion industry. Our boots feature next generation plant based materials including cactus leather from Desserto and corn leather!

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