The Vegan Fashion Show: Plant-Based Next Generation Material on the Runway!

We are at the beginning of the Vegan Fashion Revolution.. The past decade has brought so much progress in the food industry (can you say vegan eggz benny, vegan sashimi, vegan oysters, like what?!) and now it’s time for the same innovation transcendence to happen in Fashion! A vegan lifestyle means all the things, not just tofu eggs with turmeric.. A vegan lifestyle encompasses everything from what’s on your plate, to in your home, on your skin, in your shampoo, in your closet, to the material on your couch and in your vehicle.

For us, it means designer shoes without sacrificing quality and STYLE! A closet full of animal-free apparel, duckless down, faux-fur, and beyond this not just cheap synthetic fake crap.

We’re talking about NEXT GENERATION materials made from plants. Less plastic, more plants, more fashion innovation ✨

We had a spectacular time at The Vegan Fashion Show and loved being in a room full of big hearted like-conscious-minded people 🤍 

Here are some of our favourite shots, thanks to Jim Orgill.




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