Uncaged Innovations Raises $5.6 Million for Its Vegan (bio-based) Leather Alternative

Uncaged Innovations is a next generation materials innovation company developing vegan leather made from grains (ie without plastic).

Vegan leather has been traditionally made with Polyurethane commonly known as PU or PolyVinyl Chloride, known as PVC. Although both are better options from an ethical perspective and healthier for the planet than traditional leather which requires the raising of cattle and demands tremendous amounts of land, water, food, and chemicals, they are petroleum based products and we all know we know we need to do better than plastic.

Uncaged Innovations has raised $5.6 million with the seed funding led by Green Circle Foodtech Ventures and Fall Line Capital, with participation from Ponderosa Ventures, Golden Seeds and Jaguar Land Rover’s investment arm InMotion Ventures. The new round of financing will support Uncaged's commercial launch while they scale up production and build out manufacturing.



Uncaged Innovations’ process uses 93 percent less water, 72 percent less energy than traditional animal leather, and is biodegradable as its coating is made from corn. Using grain byproducts creates 95 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than raising cattle. Their technology fuses plant collagen with other bio-based elements to create a fibral network that mimics the texture and performance of animal leather. The material is fully biobased and free of plastic.


About Uncaged:

After years of research, we have perfected a formula to create material networks that mimic leather  without sacrificing the characteristics that make it a respected material for the fashion, automotive and home goods industries.

Thanks to the power of nature and biotechnology, we can replicate the quality and durability of leather. Our patent-pending technology gives us the flexibility to develop a distinctive array of leather alternatives that support different uses and markets.

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