PORTFOLIO YVR: Standing for animals and innovating change with vegan designer footwear

We are honoured to be include in the March issue of PORTFOLIO YVR.

Here is a preview of the spread:

Everyone at Desiree Dupuis' Voes & Co shares an unshakeable philosophy: Standing for love and the rethinking of fashion. The company is 100% committed to not using leather, suede, or other animal-based materials in its designs. A purpose of advocating for kind, compassionate, conscious living through ethically sourced, sustainable, 100% vegan (plant based) designer footwear, and a mission to help pioneer the use of next-generation materials to help eliminate the use of plastic in the vegan fashion industry. 

"After a year of building the brand at events in person and online, Footwear Magazine recognized us as the Vegan Brand of the Year, and I am currently working on building the collection with a new casual sneaker. I am grateful to work with a manufacturer that aligns with my values and a publicists that has garnered coverage in some impactful coverage in Forbes, Cosmo, and most recently, Vogue."

See the full issue here: https://issuu.com/folio.yvr/docs/portfolio.yvr_-_volume_2_-_issue_3_-_2024



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