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Desiree Dupuis, the visionary founder of Voes & Co, is launching an exciting new line of boots this month made from an innovative and sustainable material: cactus leather. These stylish Chelsea Boots are not only fashion-forward, but they're also eco-friendly and animal-free.

Desiree's mission to create a kinder and more sustainable alternative to animal-derived leather began over a decade ago when she became vegan after reading the book "Skinny Bitch." As a lifelong lover of fashion, especially shoes, she was determined to create a brand that aligned with her values. "I was frustrated with the lack of designer footwear options available on the market. It was quite challenging for me to find nice designer shoes that were not made of leather or suede", she explains.

While there are already vegan leather shoes on the market, they're typically made from entirely synthetic materials. However, Voes & Co is different. Desiree is committed to utilizing plant-based materials in her products, and cactus leather is just the beginning. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to create stylish and sustainable fashion.

But what makes cactus leather so revolutionary? For starters, it uses a fraction of the water needed to produce traditional leather. While it takes an estimated 2,000 gallons of water to make just one cowhide, cactus leather requires significantly less. This makes it a much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative.

The material used in Voes & Co's Chelsea Boots is made out of cactus leather. The boots are put together by Ahimsa, a vegan manufacturer in Franca, Brazil. The boots are currently only available online through the Voes & Co website and the aBillion marketplace.

Not only is cactus leather a more sustainable alternative, but it's also incredibly versatile. The texture and feel of cactus leather is very similar to animal-derived leather, making it an ideal material for high-quality footwear. The Chelsea Boots are just the first of different styles that Desiree plans to create using cactus leather and other plant-based materials.

Desiree's dedication to sustainability extends beyond just the materials she uses. She is also committed to creating a more ethical supply chain. That's why Voes & Co works with partners who share their values and are committed to fair labor practices.

For those who are passionate about animal rights and the environment, these boots are a must-have. Not only are they stylish and high-quality, but they also provide consumers with a more conscious and ethical option when it comes to fashion. By supporting Voes & Co, consumers are taking a step towards a more sustainable future.

Desiree's innovative approach to fashion has begun to caught the attention of media outlets, and she's quickly becoming a leading figure in the sustainable fashion industry. With Voes & Co, she's creating a brand that not only looks good, but also does good.

In the future, Desiree plans to expand her line of products to include more styles of footwear, as well as accessories and clothing. With her focus on sustainability and ethical practices, there's no doubt that Voes & Co will continue to be a driving force in the fashion industry for years to come.

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