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VOES & CO Puts the ‘Green’ in Brooklyn Fashion with Innovative Cactus Leather Boots


The fashion world meets sustainability in a big way as VOES & CO makes its debut in Brooklyn this weekend. This highly anticipated launch will impress style mavens and conscious consumers as they discover innovative plant-powered cactus leather boots.

Desirée Dupuis founded the company after experiencing her own challenges as a consumer looking for ethical and sustainable footwear options. She became aware of the adverse effects that animal agriculture has on our planet and did not want to continue supporting harmful industries by purchasing synthetic leather after ditching animal leather products.

Plant-powered Cactus Leather Boots – Luxury Without Compromise.

Desirée created VOES & CO – a brand that stood for sustainable fashion embodying her values. Their material of choice? Cactus leather. Which offers all the luxury and feel of traditional leather without harming our environment.

Unlike other synthetic leathers [which are still damaging], producing cactus leather saves resources – not requiring water, herbicides, or pesticides while being environmentally beneficial as carbon-sink vegetation.

In time Voes & Co seeks to be 100% plant-based and free of plastic materials in their products. Desirée wants fashion that will not hurt our planet – plain and simple. She does not want to trade one harmful product for another.

And so VOES & CO, the eco-friendly brand, offers cactus leather as a choice for consumers who want luxury without compromise. The brand reflects Desirée’s values and those many others share in seeking ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

Despite being a globetrotter, Desirée successfully runs her business remotely from all over the world. So prepare for serious fashion inspiration with the launch of VOES & CO plant-powered cactus leather boots. And what better place than vibrant New York City for this special occasion? Vegan Women Summit.

Join Desirée at the upcoming Vegan Women Summit and elevate your fashion game while staying true to your ethical values. The limited-time presence adds an exclusive touch to the unveiling of these chic designer shoes that cater perfectly to those who refuse to compromise on ethics or style.

But what makes VOES & CO stand out from other fashion brands is its unwavering commitment to sustainability by partnering with skilled artisans who believe in fair labor practices throughout their supply chain.

Desirée’s zeal for making an impact has aligned with VOES & CO’s radical techniques; together, they are introducing us to an era of mindful consumption through their latest release. As the fashion industry transforms before our eyes VOES & CO remains ahead of the game by offering an innovative spin on traditional leather shoes that captivates our attention.

Thanks to Desirée Dupuis’s vision and tenacity as a leader, this brand is positioned to advocate for sustainable fashion – shining light on how style can coexist ethically.

The Vegan Woman Summit [get tickets]– 99 Scott Avenue, Brooklyn

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