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In a world where conscious consumerism meets style, Voes & Co emerges as a trailblazing force in the fashion industry. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Desiree Dupuis, this innovative brand is making waves with its luxurious line of sustainable footwear crafted from cactus leather. Voes & Co is leading the charge towards a future where fashion and ethics go hand in hand, proving that cruelty-free and eco-friendly options can be both glamorous and desirable.

Desirée Dupuis, a globe-trotting digital nomad, has built her brand on a deep-rooted passion for fashion and a commitment to the environment. Her journey began over a decade ago when she embraced veganism after reading the eye-opening book “Skinny Bitch.” Motivated by her newfound awareness of the detrimental effects of animal agriculture, Desiree embarked on a mission to create a kinder, more sustainable alternative to traditional leather footwear.

Driven by her frustration with the limited options available at the time, Desiree set out to challenge the status quo. She shares, “I realized that there was a lack of options for designer footwear not made with leather or suede. The alternatives on the market were often synthetic shoes made from petroleum-based materials such as PU and PVC. I didn’t want to trade one harmful product for another, compromising my values.”

With a burning desire to make a difference, Desiree founded Voes & Co, a brand that embraces a philosophy rooted in love and compassion for animals, the planet, and humanity. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by its innovative use of cactus leather, a material that offers the look and feel of traditional leather while being significantly more eco-friendly.

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