Embracing the Sentience of Animals: Our Shared Existence and Interconnectedness

Let’s be real, what we are doing to animals is so beyond wrong it’s difficult to comprehend and heart-breaking to acknowledge & live with. 

Why do we go to great lengths to protect some animals & then go home to cook others for our families supporting the atrocious treatment of animals in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) & slaughterhouses??
Many of you are outraged at the thought of horses being exported for food (as am I #horseshit) so why only horses, why are we not enraged about what we are doing every second of the day to cows?

Moving beyond the fact it is utterly inhumane, why is it so important to acknowledge the worth of animals & treat them with kindness? The answer lies in the interconnectedness of our existence. We share this planet with animals & our actions reverberate through the intricate tapestry of life.
What we do to animals, we ultimately do to ourselves.

It is crucial to recognize that animals are sentient beings, capable of experiencing joy, pain & a range of emotions. If you have a dog you surely don’t need scientific research to know that they feel, experience and express a range of emotions!
They love deeply, are loyal companions, and have complex cognitive abilities; the same is true for many of the animals you look at and see food.
I beg you to look into their eyes and see their hearts. 

Acknowledging the worth of ALL animals & extending compassion towards them enhances our own humanity. By embracing kindness towards animals, we foster a more harmonious & sustainable relationship with the natural world; when we respect their habitats and protect their well-being, we safeguard the delicate ecosystems upon which we depend. And, it strengthens our capacity for empathy, kindness, & understanding as humans. When we show love & respect to animals, we tap into a deeper reservoir of compassion within ourselves. 

#STANDWITHUS on this journey together on Instagram @voes_and_co for the Animals and help us move toward a kinder society where the grotesque treatment of animals is no longer an acceptable part of society.

Together we can cultivate a world where kindness, respect, and compassion flourish, embracing all sentient beings as integral parts of our shared existence. 

As sentient beings, animals have a right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation. Our treatment of them reflects our values as a society, and our actions have far-reaching consequences for the health of our planet.

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