Future World: Animal-free and Planet-friendly are not the same thing

This is a really great article, thank you to Future World for educating and raising awareness on this issue, which is the reason our brand Voes & Co was created; to help reduce and eliminate plastic - PU (vegan Polyurethane synthetic leather) and PVC in the fashion - specifically footwear - industry.

From Future World:

Here is the problem: animal-free and planet-friendly are not the same thing. A brand can drop every single instance of animal-based material from its product line – which, you know, is very much a good thing in its own way – and still be producing something that is harmful to the environment, the ecosystem, and the animals that call it home.

The main culprit here, of course, is plastic. We’re talking PU, TPU, PVC – all those familiar acronyms we used to group together and call “pleather,” but which have been rebranded as “vegan leather,” burying their non-organic origins in their animal-free credentials.

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