Shop like you give a damn: 6 vegan & sustainable alternatives to leather

Fantastic and innovative vegan leather alternatives are flooding into the market nowadays making it ever easier to shop with your conscience. We’ve previously explored the frightening realities of the leather industry. Now we can show you just how unnecessary it is with these imaginative substitutes some of our brands have introduced. Glad to introduce to you: leather from pineapple, cork, apple, cactus, mushroom and more!

With the global fashion elite taking notice, vegan and sustainable alternatives to your fashion favorites are taking the world by storm. Large brands like Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat and Will's Vegan Shoes currently have a wide range of ‘faux’ leather products like shoes and handbags. Innovative materials, safe and sustainable work spaces to protect both employees and the environment all come together to truly change the game.

  • Pineapple / Pinatex
  • Cork
  • Cactus
  • Apple Peel / Skins
  • Mushrooms
  • PU / Polyurethane vegan leather

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