THE 10 BEST VEGAN BOOTS: Cactus Leather | Non Leather | Plant Leather

What are the best Vegan Shoes or Vegan Boots?

According to Stridewise the best vegan boots for men are listed below and described in the video!

1. Toughest vegan boot: Dr Martens Felix 
2. Best vegan Chelsea: Blundstone 
3. Best vegan chukka: Clarks Desert Boot 
4. Best Vegan Moc Toe Boots: Brave Gentle Man 
5. Best Vegan Service Boots: Will’s Vegan Store – Work Boots 

6. Best Cactus Leather Boot - WE updated this to include VOES Harlow Chelsea Cactus Leather Plant Leather Vegan Boot - Men's Version coming soon!

7. Best Pineapple Leather Boots: Nae – Noah Piñatex
8. Best Cork Leather Boots: Grow From Nature
9. Best Apple Leather Boots: Good Guys Don't Wear Leather
10. Best Vegan Winter Boots: Avesu Fair Walker Boot 

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