Vegan Starter Guide: How to be Vegan

Here is a 28 page starter kit from the International Vegan Association:

From the International Vegan Association:

"Harming animals without good reason is wrong. Just about everyone feels this way. It’s something most of us learned at an early age and it’s something taught to children today. We all know that it would be wrong to kick a dog out of frustration, or to swat a bird’s nest out of a tree just to watch what happens, or to throw a cat into a lake for fun. The idea that it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm animals is moral common sense. Because animals have lives of their own and experience pleasure and pain just like we do, it’s immoral to cause them harm when we don’t need to. It’s so obvious that no one would question it. The way we live our lives, however, often conflicts with this basic belief we all share. Sure, we avoid kicking dogs and swatting birds’ nests out of trees. But there are many other ways we are causing terrible harm to animals every day. We cause tremendous suffering and death to animals for food, clothing, entertainment, and other purposes. And all of this harm is completely unnecessary and avoidable. Fortunately, we have the option to stop harming animals unnecessarily. We can live up to our own moral standards. All we have to do is become vegan. It’s really that simple. This may seem like a surprising, sudden, or extreme conclusion. So let’s slow down and have a closer look.

A vegan is someone with a lived commitment to not use or consume animals or animal products for any purpose, including food (e.g., dairy, honey, meat, bone-char refined sugar, eggs), clothing (e.g., silk, leather, wool), and entertainment (e.g., animal racing, hunting)."

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