Cosmopolitan: Plant-Powered Chelsea Boots by Voes & Co

Thrilled to be featured in Cosmopolitan Middle East!

Plant-Powered Chelsea Boots by Voes & Co

Chelsea boots are already a great option when it comes to functional style. Now, there is a plant-based option thanks to vegan fashion brands like Voes & Co.

Gone are the days when you must choose from either traditional leather or pure polyurethane. Voes & Co uses a material called Desserto a cactus leather. Cacti require no herbicides or pesticides and are a carbon sink!

Cacti are famously known for surviving without much water. In the past, that’s been helpful for those of us lacking a green thumb and still want to pretty up our homes with plants. Nowadays, these plants are seriously reducing the amount of water needed in the fashion industry too.

Cactus leather has increasingly been used to make handbags, but Voes & Co is one of the first in the world to use it in footwear. The blue-coloured outsole adds a posh touch.

Step into sustainable style with the Harlow Chelsea boots by Voes & Co.

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