Fashion Week Daily: Sustainable Style with Plant Based Cactus Leather

Our feature in Fashion Week Daily (also known as Daily Front Row):

Sustainable Style with Plant Based Cactus Leather

Say goodbye to traditional leather and hello to guilt-free glamour. According to a recent study by the North Mountain Consulting Group for Material Innovation Initiative, a staggering 55% of consumers are actively seeking leather alternatives due to their adverse impact on animals and the environment. Thankfully, innovative sustainable brands are answering the call with groundbreaking materials like MIRUM® that are both all-natural and circular. Enter Lost Woods, the epitome of luxury and ethical sophistication. This Australian brand has embraced MIRUM® to craft a collection of exquisite vegan handbags that will leave you breathless. Imagine edgy, sleek designs adorned with your choice of silver or gold chain accents, effortlessly adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble. With Lost Woods, you can revel in the lap of luxury without compromising your values.  Lost Woods founder Holly Edwards explains, “Art and design are great fun, but aesthetics alone are not what drives me. What drives me is creating change for animals and the world.” She chose the name Lost Woods as a symbolic tribute to the forests and wildlife lost to the devastating effects of cattle ranching for beef and leather, the largest driver of deforestation globally.

The Harlow Chelsea Style Boots made from Cactus Leather by Voes & Co


Cacti, those resilient wonders of nature, require no herbicides or pesticides and act as carbon sinks. They’ve been our go-to solution for brightening up homes without demanding excessive watering. Now, these remarkable plants are doing wonders for the fashion industry too, significantly reducing water consumption. While cactus leather has been gaining popularity in the realm of handbags, Voes & Co stands out as one of the pioneers in utilizing this exceptional material for footwear. Prepare to embark on a journey of sustainable style as you slip into the Harlow Chelsea boots by Canadian brand Voes & Co. Not only will you make a bold fashion statement, but you’ll also take confident strides knowing that you’re treading lightly on the planet. These boots represent a harmonious blend of fashion-forward design and ethical responsibility, proving that great style doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. “While there are fake leather shoes on the market already, Voes & Co is different than mostly big brands using only PU plastic-based material. I am mission driven using innovative Cactus Leather which contains more plant-based components than most current vegan footwear options. I am working to use fully 100% plant material, and eventually I want to be completely plastic-free. The most notable benefits of cactus leather is that it takes a just a fraction of water to make compared to traditional leather. The cacti also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”, founder Desirèe Dupuis shares.

In a world where fashion and sustainability coexist, we have unlocked the power to revolutionize our wardrobes and make a positive impact. By embracing brands like Diane Kroe, Lost Woods, and Voes & Co, we have witnessed firsthand the ingenuity and creativity that fuel the sustainable fashion movement. From versatile multi-way clothing to luxurious, animal-free handbags, and plant-powered Chelsea boots, these brands have proven that style and sustainability can walk hand in hand. So, conscious fashionistas, let’s embark on this journey together—where every garment tells a story, every accessory exudes compassion, and every step we take is towards a future where fashion is a force for good. Let your style speak volumes and your choices make a difference. It’s time to embrace sustainable fashion with open arms and lead the way towards a more conscious and stylish tomorrow.

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