LA WEEKLY: From the Desert to Your Feet: Voes & Co Launches Innovative Cactus Leather Boots

full article here: FROM THE DESERT TO YOUR FEET: Voes & Co Launches Innovative Cactus Leather Boots
written in partnership with Sidon Farris

From the bustling streets of Vancouver to the fashion capitals of the world, Desirée Dupuis, the founder of VOES & CO, is making her mark as one of the pioneers of a plant-based fashion revolution. With the upcoming launch of her Chelsea Boots made with cactus leather, she is shaking up the industry and putting her brand on the map.

As a vegan since 2008, Desirée was disheartened by the widespread use of animal-derived leather in fashion, especially in footwear. Fueled by her love for shoes and a desire to create a more sustainable and compassionate alternative, she founded VOES & CO in 2022, and the rest is history in the making.

What sets VOES & CO apart from other vegan footwear brands is their use of innovative and sustainable materials. While many companies have been using purely PU plastic-based materials for their leather alternative products, VOES & CO is at the forefront of the movement incorporating plant-based materials. Cactus leather, in particular, is one of the most exciting materials on the market. Not only does it feel strikingly similar to animal-derived leather, it is toxic-free and doesn’t require pesticides, herbicides, or an irrigation system to produce.

For Desirée, using cactus leather is not just about creating fashionable products, but it’s also about making a positive impact on the environment. The material is sourced from Desserto, a Mexican-based company that specializes in creating more sustainable alternatives to traditional leather. The boots themselves are being manufactured by Ahimsa, a vegan manufacturer based in Franca, Brazil.

The first pair of VOES & CO Chelsea Boots is set to launch in New York next month, and they will be available for purchase exclusively on the VOES & CO website and aBillion marketplace. These boots are not just for vegans but for anyone looking to make conscious choices about their purchasing habits. With their classic, elegant style, the boots are perfect for the modern-day woman who wants to look good and feel good about her choices.

Desirée Dupuis is a leader in the plant-based fashion revolution, and VOES & CO is paving the way for a future that is more sustainable and ethical. With their use of innovative and more sustainable materials, they are creating a new standard for the fashion industry, one that prioritizes compassion for animals, the planet, and humanity.

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