Meatless Movement Interview: Desiree Dupuis | Voes & Co

Grateful for the opportunity to share our story and provide some advice to the Meatless Movement.

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At the heart of Voes & Co. is a deep-rooted belief in promoting kindness and compassion towards the planet, animals, and all living beings. They envision a world where no animals are harmed for fashion, food, or any form of human gain. Through their creativity and dedication, Voes & Co. aims to contribute to the creation of this compassionate world.

With an unwavering commitment to not using leather, suede, or any other animal-based materials, Voes & Co. pioneers a new path in fashion. Their designs reflect the harmonious fusion of style and ethics, catering to conscious consumers who seek cruelty-free and sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Voes & Co. embraces gratitude, mindfulness, and playfulness as guiding principles, infusing these values into every aspect of their brand. By choosing Voes & Co., individuals can make a powerful statement, expressing their love and respect for all living beings while embracing a fashion-forward, cruelty-free lifestyle.

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