The Vgn Edit: Step into a more compassionate future with vegan shoes made with Cactus Leather


Voes & Co Founder Desirée Dupuis talks about Vegan Shoes, the Brand, and Cactus Leather

The Vgn Edit: Step into a more compassionate future with plant based vegan shoes made by Voes & Co. Founded by Desirée Dupuis, a passionate animal rights activist, digital nomad and compassionate entrepreneur.

Desirée runs a seaweed-based food company, Kove, the vegan fashion brand Voes & Co, and is the chair of the board of Ruben’s Shoes Society. This international NGO is dedicated to provide shoes and education to underprivileged children worldwide.

Voes & Co.’s mission is to become a global icon for veganism and promote love, compassion and conscious living. With their commitment to animal-free and eco-friendly materials and an elegant and timeless design, the essence of vegan fashion is beautifully captured. They’re committed to sustainable practices, including using eco-friendly cactus leather to minimize the environmental footprint. Every step of the way is in line with their ethos of compassion for all living things. You can express yourself without compromising your values and with a clear conscience.

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