VegNews: 20 Vegan Shoes Your Wardrobe Is Begging For

From apple-based leather to sustainable cork, animal-friendly materials are more innovative and fashionable than ever before.  

The days of clunky pleather boots and hemp sandals are long gone. Now, conscientious fashion shoppers have seemingly limitless choices when it comes to animal-free footwear. Whether you’re looking for ultra-glam heels, handcrafted vegan leather clogs, or a pair of “man-made” shoes from your favorite mainstream shoe company, these 20 cruelty-free kicks will fit the bill.

Beautiful cactus leather makes for one ultra-sustainable pair of boots. The cactus leather used by Voes & Co. requires no irrigation, no pesticides or herbicides, and the cacti are actually a carbon sink. You can’t get much greener than that. Plus a classic pair of black boots go with almost anything in your fall wardrobe. 

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