Vegans of the World: Meet Jordan Bruce

Vegans of the World: Meet Jordan Bruce

Jordan runs her business as a Gut and Hormone Nutritionist and calls Vancouver home, where she says she has a solid community. Let's find out more about this plant based expert Nutritionist! 

Q: When did you first go Vegan?
A: 2012

Q: What happened, what was the reason you chose to go Vegan?
A: Initially, it was for health after reading skinny bitch (dislike that name) from the lululemon library where I worked part time.

Q: How did you feel when you made the decision to go Vegan?
A: I definitely didn’t have friends eating this way, but my sister went veggie before me as she’s a huge animal lover (now my main reason as well as sustainability).

Q: What 3 words best describe how you felt?
A: Light (like not heavy after meals) energized and regular 

Q: What was or has been the most challenging part?
A: Not being served a protein with my meals at the in-laws or restaurants. It’s actually been quite easy!!

Q: What was the hardest food for you to 'give up'?
A: Salmon

Q: Are there any foods or products that you are available now that you wished existed back then?
A: So many! We have great coconut yogurts, amazing cashews fermented cheeses, love the occasional beyond meat.

Q: What do you find the most challenging about being around non vegan people?
A:  My mom, dad and sister are all vegan now (divorced too). So very easy with my family. I think it’s been so long my friends are amazing and everyone can enjoy a good curry. It’s hard for some to understand why or for me to be given the opportunity to share my why without forcing it down their throat. I wish they knew how cruel the dairy industry is among other CAFOs.

Q: What's it like being Vegan in Vancouver?
A: In my younger day pre child and COVID, I went to so many vegan events. I was a social vegan foodie for sure. Knowing Lindsay from piquant marketing helped too! I met lots of vegans in person or virtually on Instagram where I now have a solid community.

Q: What would you say has changed the most in terms of Veganism over the course of your journey?
A: My why. It was solely about me (health) in my late 20’s, but then it fully shifted to being about the animals and our planet. How can so many people enjoy being in nature, but not think about the impacts of their diet?

Q: What do you eat at least 3-5 times a week?
Tofu, soy milk matcha daily, beans, cruciferous vegetables, hemp hearts, peanut butter, oatmeal.

Q: What do you find is most challenging when it comes to Vegan Fashion? 
Shoes!! Dressy to casual like runners.

Q: Can you share 3-5 of your favourite Vegan Brands or Products?
Loa skincare, om skincare, one degree organic oats, ilia makeup, my vegan Birkenstocks.

Q: What was the funniest/craziest thing that someone has said or you've heard/read about Veganism or about being Vegan?
That you need to eat cholesterol - you don’t. Your body makes it!

Q: The #1 reason you are Vegan:
A: For the Animals

Additional thoughts:
Don’t stress during travel - just eat vegan food!! If you can focus on protein as it can be harder. The only supplement I take that I truly need as a vegan is B12, but I love my relaxing bedtime herbs and supplements to wind down. Tip- find people living similarly to you and do your best. Perfection can cause stress especially when starting out.

You can follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanbruce.nutrition and download her free Mineral Food guide as well as her free Hormone Guide, along with many other resources. For her website, click here:
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