Vegans of the World: Meet Suzanne Harper

Vegans of the World: Meet Suzanne Harper

Suzanne is the inspirational founder of the vegan footwear brand A Perfect Jane and calls Ibiza, Spain home. She's a passionate animal lover and named her vegan company after her first dog, Jane. Let's find out more about the passionate pioneer who is also creating designer boots made from plant leather!

Q: When did you first go Vegan?
A: Around 15 years ago

Q: What happened, what was the reason you chose to go Vegan?
A: I got my 1st own dog Jane and we were inseparable from day one. Our strong connection made me more conscious about animal cruelty in food & fashion. Along with seeing some horrible cruel videos of the meat industry shown by my sister in law, I went vegan (vegetarian first).

Q: How did you feel when you made the decision to go Vegan?
A: I felt strong enough to go vegan and stick to my decision, even though I had literally nobody to share this journey with. I have felt alone, weird, sad and frustrated of course. Not being invited to a night out with the girls, because I am vegan and they don't want to make a fuss about food, etc. But in the end I am super proud of myself and will never go back to eating animal products.

Q: What 3 words best describe how you felt?
A: Outsider, sad, and also proud

Q: What was or has been the most challenging part?
A: Definitely my office job back then. Always being invited (and expected to be there) on business meetings, hotel night stay overs, dinner with clients, etc. None of them ever offered a vegan option, so I always took my own food to a hotel or restaurant and asked them to heat it up for me.

Q: What was the hardest food for you to 'give up'?
A: Cheese and Eggs

Q: Are there any foods or products that you are available now that you wished existed back then?
A: Good chocolate (not dark), cheese

Q: Did you go Vegan by yourself or did you know others?
A: My sister in law was vegan, but I did not have a good enough connection with her. So I can say I went vegan by myself.

Q: What do you find the most challenging about being around non vegan people?
A: Them making fun of you, like ''how do you get this ''disease'', and ''plants have feelings too'' or that's why you are so skinny, you don't eat.

Q: What's it like being Vegan in Spain?
A: In Spain it's hard, everybody eats a lot of meat and they absolutely don't care. The Spanish people are not known for animal friendliness. In Ibiza it's much easier, the island is international focused and super modern, I can pretty much eat delicious vegan options everywhere and there are a lot of vegan people.

Q: What would you say has changed the most in terms of Veganism over the course of your journey?
A: It definitely made my life harder, because now I am super conscious about all the cruelty imposed on animals in the world. It unfortunately also changed my perspective on humans, because I just cannot deal with people who do not care. Also it has a great side, I am proud of myself sticking to my decision, even though it was and still is hard. And I learned cooking and enjoying other flavours. I am happy with that.

Q: What do you eat at least 3-5 times a week?
A: vegetables, oats, dates, tofu, nuts

Q: What do you find is most challenging when it comes to Vegan Fashion? 
A: Finding high quality and especially fashionable items. Most of the vegan fashion I really don't like, it absolutely has no inspiration, I find it dull and too minimalistic.

Q: Can you share 3-5 of your favourite Vegan Brands or Products?
A: Good question, I do not buy a lot from vegan brands, but I buy from brands with vegan options. Like the Spanish clothing brand: Maison Hotel, the Australian brand: Tropical Dream and for bags I love O.N.E. Products.

Q: What was the craziest thing that someone has said or you've heard/read about Veganism or about being Vegan?
How do you get rid of this disease?

Q: The #1 reason you are Vegan:
A: For the Animals

You can follow Suzanne on Instagram @aperfectjane and check out her website:
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